Autism Breakthrough



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Autism Breakthrough
The Groundbreaking Method That Has Helped Families All over the World.

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  • april 2014
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As a boy, Raun Kaufman was diagnosed by multiple experts as severely autistic, with an IQ below 30, and destined to spend his life in an institution. Years later, Raun graduated with a degree in Biomedical Ethics from Brown University and has become a passionate and articulate spokesperson for the autism community. So what happened? Thanks to Son-Rise, an incredible program his parents created, Raun experienced a full recovery from autism. In Autism Breakthrough, Kaufman presents the ground-breaking principles behind the program that helped him, and so many other families with special children. Kaufman explains that autism is frequently misunderstood as a behavioural disorder when in fact it is a social relational disorder. He explains what it feels like to be autistic, and shows how and why the Son-Rise program, which focuses on the parent-child connection, works. And he offers clear, practical strategies for working with children that readers can apply immediately – in some cases, parents see a change in their children in as little as one day. Autism Breakthrough makes available for the first time in book form the principles and practical applications of the Son-Rise program, presented by someone who not only teaches the program, but has experienced the joy of it in his own life.


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