Moving moments


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Moving Moments. leadership and interventions in dynamically complex change processes

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In the vast majority of change situations management put an emphasis on the (planned) change approach and methods: what steps and interventions lead from the current to the desired situation? In practice, however, blocked change processes often seem to have their roots in daily interactions. Regardless of their spoken change ambitions and their desired management behaviour, in action managers often show behaviour that is inconsistent with these ambitions and intentions.

These observations turn the attention from what managers say to what they really do in action and to the effects of their behaviour on the change process to which they aspire. After all, it is not the intentions but the actual management behaviour that elicits certain effects. In three longitudinal case studies, this study illustrates what managers, employees and their consultants say and do, whether and how these interactions are governed by unilateral control, how they contribute to (de-)blocking of changing, organizing and learning, and how interventions affect interactions in the longer run. The process of ongoing interactions is @slowed down’ in order to recognize characteristic moments and understand their meaning to effective changing: moving moments.

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